Italia! Part 3 – Chianti

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Italia! Part 3 – Chianti

Oh Chianti! Third stop after Rome (Part 1) and Siena (Part 2).

October is one of the most special times to visit the Chianti region.  It’s harvest season, not just for the grapes but also for a lot of the things grown in this area!  Hence everything tastes amazing this time of the year, and you can smell it all along the drive! I would recommend a convertible if you’re driving through Chianti.

A few day 6 moments: Chianti’s sprawling hills span as far out into the horizon as one can see. I must have taken hundreds of photos of these beautiful hills with vineyards all around.

A few day 7 moments:  we stayed at this gorgeous Fattoria at the Rignana Winery.  It is absolutely enchanted with a gorgeous infinity pool that rolls into the hills. Whichever window you look out, there’s  a stunning view that you can lose yourself in. And those views look different at different times of the day. Sunsets  are unlike any I’ve seen anywhere — Tuscan skies are just magical.

A few day 8 moments: you’re bound to catch a beautiful sunset somewhere daily in Chianti.  This was one of them.

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