Italia! Part 4 – Firenze

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Italia! Part 4 – Firenze

And finally… Firenze!  So you’ve read about the visits to Rome, Siena and Chianti.  There’s history and a story to be heard everywhere in Italy but you become immediately aware of much of the renaissance history the minute you set foot in Florence.  What I loved about both Rome, and Firenze — and even Siena, they’re all so small and walkable that you quickly get a feel for the city and much of their stories.  I love walking in a new city.  On average we walked 7 hours a day — definitely compensated for all the eating.

Firenze is such a romantic city — and I’m not that much of a romantic but it’s hard to ignore that quality about the city.  On the actual day of our anniversary and at dinner, we had the most insane coincidence of being seated next to a 75-year-old couple from the US that were also celebrating the anniversary of their marriage 10 years ago (obviously this was their second time around!), but it was so serendipitous!

A few day 9 moments: On our first day in Firenze, we went to the highest point across the river, climbing hundreds of stairs all the way to the top, and watched the sunset. It was really hard to pick only a couple of photos for this.  I don’t know what it is, but I think Italy has the most beautiful skies.

At sunset…

At dusk…

A few day 10 moments. So I’m conflicted about Firenze’s Duomo — as compared to Siena’s Duomo, it feels so much more imposing and rougher.  Siena’s Duomo is so delicate. Don’t get me wrong, Firenze’s Duomo is gorgeous as I spent an hour photographing the exterior but I think I prefer Siena’s.  You’ll notice very clearly even with the night shots how well the Duomo has withstood time.  It’s spectacular! It makes me feel like we live in cardboard houses here in SF.

In Firenze, we stayed at one of the nicest B&Bs we’ve ever stayed at, 1865 Residenza d’Epoca, housed in an 1865 restored building with all the original detail.  What’s special about this place is that though the building itself is a historic one with a lot of rustic feel, the interior was completely redone as a modern experience — which definitely suits me.  The location is spectacular making eating well and meandering quite easy.

A tip for foodies. Grom is also in Firenze! And it’s also the best Gelato place in the city! And we still stood in line here too.  A little more local and off the beaten path is Il Gelato di Filo.  I never thought I’d be satisfied with just eating Chocolate gelato. Superb!

Another tip for foodies. Food is spectacular all around here.  For a VERY special occasion, check out Enoteca Pincchiorri, a 3-Michelin-star restaurant with one of the most impressive wine cellars in Italy.  If you dine there and you’re lucky, you may get an invitation to tour their cellar.  After a 20-course tasting menu, you should definitely go for a walk riverside.  See you soon, Italia!

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