Bresaola, Home Cured

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Bresaola, Home Cured

Ever since Khaled tried bresaola in Boston, he’s been forever in love with this lean Italian-style cured beef.  Since Boston has a huge Italian community with many salumerias in the North End, bresaola was easy to come by.  Now that we’re in SF, bresaola is rare, very expensive and with unreliable availability.  Since our last trip to Italy, and since we had our fill of bresoala there, coming back to a world with no bresaola was no longer acceptable.  K, more determined than ever came back home from work one day with all the things he needed to cure bresaola at home! (how hipster of him!)  So 3.5 weeks ago — he started the process!

1. Curing ingredients: curing salt (that pink powder — which I just learned is dyed that color so as to not be mistaken with table salt!), sea salt, black pepper, rosemary, juniper, and sugar.  And of course, a big slab of lean beef — eye of round.

2. Grind all ingredients together and make into a powder with which the meat is covered.

3. You notice that the minute you cover the meat with the curing mix, water starts oozing out (osmosis at its best). That is the first step of curing. Then meat is preserved in the fridge for two weeks — turned over periodically.

4. Meat is wrapped with food twine and then hung to dry — until it loses a third of its weight. Control temperature somewhere between 50-60F and humidity between 55-70%.

5. Buon Appetito! time to eat this amazing bresaola with fresh bread, arugula, parmigiano, and a little extra virgin olive oil drizzled on top.  Finish with a pinch of kosher sea salt.


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