Sunsets and Rainbows

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Sunsets and Rainbows

I always find myself chasing after sunsets and rainbows, and very often with a camera in hand (I probably share that habit with many).  I will chase after them on rooftops, mountain tops, aboard planes, trains, you name it (as you’ll see from my photos below!)   I have hundreds of sunset photos and dozens of rainbow photos — those two phenomenons probably take up similar mindshares for me. And they epitomize the pefect fleeting moment. Pause, ponder, observe, gone — then go on your merry way.  It gets too dark, too early these days that I don’t get to catch any sunsets on my way home from work anymore.  So I pulled up my folder of favorite sunsets and rainbows and picked a few to share.

Tulum – Mexico.

Cappadocia – Turkey.

Athens – Greece.

Santorini – Greece.

Nafplio – Greece.

Naxos – Greece.

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