Exploration: Light + Color Part I

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Exploration: Light + Color Part I

I’ve been experimenting a lot with my camera, light, color and post processing.  I have gigabytes of photos that I need to sort through from this past year.  Had a little bit of time to do so this past week — I only got through 10 photos!  It’s amazing what you start to notice about your own photos once you spend time with them.  I captured things on the fringes that I didn’t notice were there  while I was snapping away.  Birds, cloud formations, things people are wearing, things people are doing…  I remember that moment so differently — looking back I seriously thought we were alone in that space — was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t the case.  But now looking at it and seeing how much energy there is in the photo, I’m liking it.

I remember standing there and looking up.  That space was so majestic and you truly feel the incredible reign the romans had.  The light at that moment (and some of the post work I did!) brought out the grandeur of this place.

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