A Day with Baby Sophia

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A Day with Baby Sophia

I got to hang out with baby Sophia yesterday! We hung out at her home in the East Bay, and got to play all morning.  I had met Sophia a little while back, but she was so small and disinterested in anything other than eating and sleeping.  Now she’s about 6 months old, and super curious and fun.  Sophia changed my mind about how fussy babies usually are.  She didn’t cry or complain even once during our photo shoot and instead gave me smiles that melted my heart!



Sophia modeled some cute hair clips — and she gave me some as a present!


The belly button made an appearance!


We decided to keep it our own little secret.


And I got to meet Sophia’s friends.


Oops, where did Lamby Lamb go?!


And we hung out with mommy and daddy too.


‘That was fun, but now I’m sleepy.’ – Sophia.


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