A (not so) Lazy Dinner

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A (not so) Lazy Dinner

What started out as a lazy dinner for two of soup and salad ended up in French Onion Soup, Kale Caesar Salad and the jewel of the table, a new batch of fresh homemade Tartine bread. We also didn’t think it was enough food, so of course we had to have some Cow Girl Creamery’s Mt. Tam , Taleggio cheese and some Olli spicy salame with Sangiovese Wine!


Khaled made bread again and it was even better than the first time.  I’m seriously getting used to having homemade bread which is a disaster.  It was so nice to be able to use fresh bread for both the onion soup and as croutons for the Caesar Salad!


I love this version of a Kale Caesar Salad (recipe from the Tartine Bread book) — it’s very garlicky and feels much more substantial than a regular Caesar.


I finally decided I prefer Mt. Tam cheese over Red Hawk primarily because of that creamy texture. And Taleggio brought all the stinkiness to the table!


I think I’m liking lazy dinners and will be doing more of those — heck, I may even invite people over for some lazy dinners!

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