A (Middle Eastern) Holiday Brunch

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A (Middle Eastern) Holiday Brunch

One of the best things about the holidays is the food.  That’s especially true when my mom is around.  She’s probably one of the best cooks I know!  As we all meet up in DC for the holidays and host numerous feasts, I get to enjoy my mom’s special dishes (and she makes all my favorite ones!).  For the first feast, a Middle Eastern brunch is in order.  An Arabic brunch is only perfect with Hummus and Foul, the chickpea and fava bean cousin spreads.  My mom made the more extravagant version of Hummus called Fatteh which has croutons at the base and Hummus on top with pine nuts to complete the dish.


IMG_4217 IMG_4208

And for a weekend brunch, there’s time to make the super tasty small pies covered with Za’atar (wild thyme) and white Nabulsi cheese.  To me the smell of my mom’s morning baking is most nostalgic and the best alarm clock to wake up to!



And no feast is complete without a sweet finale of Knafe! To. Die. For! Now time for a siesta!


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