A (Rainy) Day at the Legion of Honor

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A (Rainy) Day at the Legion of Honor

Yesterday turned out to be a super rainy day (and I hate rain!) We decided to spend it indoors at the Legion of Honor, a lovely museum in SF. I usually love hanging around there on a sunny day as it overlooks the Golden Gate bridge. But on a rainy day, you’re forced in-doors, a not-too-shabby outcome.  Usually there are all these wedding photo shoots going on here since it makes for a great backdrop (I’ve even taken engagement photos of a few friends of mine here).  I thought this wouldn’t be the case on a rainy day — but I was wrong! I felt so bad for the numerous brides and grooms being dumped on by the weather.


I was pleasantly surprised to see many of the galleries filled with Rodin’s work — so splendid and though poignant has a softness to it.  Rodin is my favorite artist and every time I visit Paris I usually get a week’s pass to the Rodin museum (which is my favorite museum in the world!), where I drop by often throughout my visit — sometimes just to relax with a book and to sit in the sculpture garden.


Rodin was waiting at the end of the tunnel… I practically ran to the sculpture of him standing there.

IMG_4875 IMG_4843


IMG_4863 IMG_4870


IMG_4854 IMG_2356

On the way out, I was so excited to see ‘The Thinker’.  I was giddy to see the sculpture awaiting in the courtyard of the museum.  I spent some time in the rain enjoying it and reminiscing about my time in Paris and my many visits to that small and very charming villa that is the Rodin museum, where another ‘Thinker’ also sits.


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