A Play Date with Baby Annabelle

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A Play Date with Baby Annabelle

I spent a super fun afternoon with Baby Annabelle.  At 10 months, she has the cutest and most well-formed personality. You’ll often catch her in a pensive mood or she’ll give you an examining look. She’ll make sure to tell you what she wants. But mostly, she’s curious and just wants to explore and have fun!


Annabelle is such a busy buddy — there’s always something or another that has her attention.  It was really hard to get her attention especially with my camera glued to my face.


We did a little dancing in the rain. I even caught a glimpse of two little white teeth!


We had a lot of fun with balloons.  We actually only had eyes for the balloons — not even ducky could compete.


We went and hung out with Annabelle’s big furry puppies who stayed for a photo or two.  They even watched a little Sesame Street — they were all equally mesmerized.


And of course, we love putting things in our mouth…


…even our feet!


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