Lighting Decorations

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Lighting Decorations

Every once in a while, especially during the holidays, you drive down a street in a neighborhood and you notice that one house after the other is decorated intricately with lights.  Some are put everywhere, and some are deliberately placed to create elaborate designs and formations.  It’s quite amusing to think of how much thought somebody had put into the design of the lights and then how much time went into placement.  With some, you can’t help but think how hard it was to climb up that high to put a little bulb.  I wonder if people are driven by competition or by the actual occasion — or maybe this particular neighborhood has a tradition and nobody wanted to feel left out.   Regardless, though I’d never do this myself, it’s amusing and charming in a kitschy kind of way.

This house was probably the most intricately decorated of the bunch.  It’s actually a beautiful house, and though the decoration was over the top, the house still looked nice.



The relative size of this tree to the house is just incredible.  What these residents had to do to get this tree to light up this much is just crazy.


This house you could see from a mile away especially that it was situated on a hill.


These guys are creative.  They took advantage of a slanted railing to recreate Santa’s sled that’s about to take off.


This one looked like a gingerbread house from a distance.  Notice Santa wearing sunglasses and sitting on a motorbike right outside.


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