Walking Tour: 2.5 blocks in the Mission

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Walking Tour: 2.5 blocks in the Mission

Sometimes on Fridays, I work from home.  This past Friday, I had an intense day that started at 6.30am and before I knew it, it was 3.30pm.  I decided to take a short break from work and take a walk around the block (and of course get myself a coffee). I also decided to bring my camera along as I had been super busy the last 10 days or so and have barely taken any photos, except for the occasional one here and there.

First stop, Stanza coffee, which by the way is quickly becoming my favorite coffee in the mission (Yes, above Four Barrel and Ritual!!!).  I frankly think the coffee is spectacular and the atmosphere of the place is just wonderful.



I then took my coffee and walked up 16th towards Dolores Street and was excited to have my camera with me as the beauty of the Mission Dolores church revealed itself.


As I continued down Dolores street, and was about to cross the street, I almost got run over by a biker dude, while not paying attention with my camera glued to my face.  I cussed for having him ruin my photo but frankly this came out.. different.


I continued to walk down towards the park.  I passed this little street which for whatever reason always gets my attention — and honestly there’s nothing special about it.  But I feel like my camera managed to see what I see.


Hung out at the park for a few and watched the sun set, rather gracefully, and wondered what all these people hanging out in the park did for a living (this park is ALWAYS full!)  This is what I call a rejuvenating break from work.  I love this neighborhood so much and that is precisely why in 6 years, every time I’ve moved (5 times to be exact!), it was all within a small 6×6 block area.



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