My Favorite SF Izakaya: Roku

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My Favorite SF Izakaya: Roku

Roku is quickly becoming my favorite Japanese restaurant in SF.  It opened recently right on Market St, only a few blocks away from my place.  Over time, I had gone there with my camera — by my third visit, they were used to me taking photos and often helped me set up the dishes just right for the shot.  This past week, and after attending a drag show of ‘Sex and the City’ (I’ll leave talking about that for another post!), I went with my girlfriends to Roku, right across the street from where the show was.  The food was so wonderful that my friend Sabrina wrote about it.  I’ve finally managed to get my act together and sort through my favorite photos of this place which was hard because I LOVE almost everything on the menu!


I’ll start out with my favorite dish: Nikumagi Onigiri.  Basically it’s a ball of deliciousness: rice wrapped with the most tender beef you can ever imagine.


Their Ramen has become a staple part of our order lately with its thick broth.  I especially like the Black Ramen which is flavored with garlic and wood ear mushrooms.  The texture of the actual Ramen noodle is my favorite among the Ramen joints I frequent.



As a small eat, the bacon-wrapped mochi has to be my favorite yakitori on their menu.   The mochi texture is so divine.


And finally, no meal is complete without some seriously spicy kimchi assortment dish.



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