From SF to Tahoe: A Car Ride

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From SF to Tahoe: A Car Ride

This last trip to Tahoe everything came together to make for a beautiful car ride up to the mountains. We had left early on Saturday as we usually do — around quarter to 7 or so and managed to see the tail end of the sunrise which was stunning.  The drive starts out with exiting SF via the Bay Bridge to cross to the East Bay, continuing up 80, through Sacramento, then the Tahoe forest and up the mountains.  The terrain is so different along different parts of the drive but it’s all beautiful and makes me appreciate living in California.

The Sunrise was unreal on the Bay Bridge.  From here you could also see the cranes off the oakland port and they’re so awesome looking (stay turned for a post with many crane photos — I’m infatuated!)


And the terrain changes drastically along the way, from rolling hills, to marshes, to waterside, to forests, to farm land…



Passing over the Carquinez Bridge.


The marshes of the Yolo Wildlife Reserve are super cool.


I love this view of Sacramento.  It looks very mysterious especially with the haze.


Then finally, the stunning Tahoe forest and mountains. I can’t get enough of this view — it’s breathtaking!


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