Remembering Japan: Pretty Edibles

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Remembering Japan: Pretty Edibles

A few weeks ago, I watched ‘Jiro dreams of Sushi’, a documentary about a sushi master, Jiro, and his 3-Michelin star sushi restaurant in Tokyo.  If you’re a sushi lover, this documentary will make you fall in-love with sushi all over again, and with vengeance.   I think I’m due for a trip to Tokyo very soon — I’m hoping in July when I can visit this spectacular little place.

My last trip to Japan was a couple of years ago and looking through my photos reminded me of how special this country is — definitely on the top of my ‘Awesome Country List’.  This week, I’m publishing a series of posts on my last trip there.  Since food is what gets me thinking about visiting Japan every time, I’ll start with precisely that.  Japanese food is probably the most beautiful I’ve seen and the taste hardly ever disappoints.  And even with European desserts, a Japanese aesthetic is applied and it is infused with a Japanese flare, both taste and presentation.

Peach grenache moose cake


Mochi dessert, in every flavor (and color) imaginable.


These beautiful things are Japanese-style Financiers. I remember having a hard time getting myself to bite into one, as I didn’t want to ruin the piece of art.


French gateaux.  The green one is my favorite with Pistachio mousse on top and sponge cake on the bottom.  I still salivate thinking about this one!


Post dinner mini sweets at an upscale Kaiseki in Kyoto.IMG_7757 Cookies we picked up at Isetan, a lovely department store in Tokyo.IMG_7751

Orange marmalade, served as a part of breakfast in bed at our Ryokan in Hakone.   How can I go back to eating orange marmalade out of a jar!?


Swiss roll with fresh berries and green tea.


Roppongi cake with assorted fruit jellies.


Red bean paste sweets… in every shape.  This was my favorite shape.


Whole walnuts and chestnuts dipped into green tea flavored white chocolate.. oh come on!!!


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