Remembering Japan: Modern and Traditional Kyoto

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Remembering Japan: Modern and Traditional Kyoto

One of the things that left a huge impression on me while being in Japan was the intermix of old and new, traditional and modern throughout the country.  They sit comfortably next to each other and one doesn’t hold back the other.  One of the best examples of that hit me when I arrived in Kyoto via the bullet train at the Kyoto Station – an amazing example of modern architecture.


IMG_7763 IMG_7801

And then only a few blocks outside this station that looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie is a most significant Temple, Hihashi-Honganji.  This building is so beautiful and ornate.  And like the places I’ve covered in my Tokyo post, here too you walk into a world of serenity and quiet.  I happened to catch this right after a summer thunderstorm and just when the clouds broke for the sun.




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