Introducing: SPICESUTRA by Monica Bhide

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Introducing: SPICESUTRA by Monica Bhide

OMG. I just got my box of SpiceSutra Chocolates, a stunning, beautifully packaged spice-kissed luxury chocolates by my super talented friend Monica Bhide. Monica has embarked on a new challenge and new adventure: chocolates infused with love and lust-inducing spices, just in time for Valentine’s.  Me bragging about this won’t help encourage you to get one of these as it sold out after a mere two days of going on sale!  But it’s more for me to showcase what I think was a wonderful experiment that should definitely be repeated.

So it comes in this exquisit box, reminds me a bit of the Vivel Patisserie packaging.  I’m really liking these boxes that are inspired by perfume packaging.


The product marketer in me thinks this is an outstanding positioning:


Monica partnered with a Washington DC-based artisan chocolate maker Co Co Sala to create this set of luxury chocolates.  I think it’s a winning combo.


Here are the contents of my box:

1x SPICESUTRA ADRAK: dark chocolate candied ginger fennel seeds.

1x SPICESUTRA ELAICHI: white chocolate green cardomom

2x SPICESUTRA GULAB: milk chocolate gulkand rose preserves toasted cashews



So Khaled and I shared each one, splitting it in half.  And my personal favorite, no surprise there, is the one containing cardamom!  Well done, Monica!


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