A Hike at Cataract Falls

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A Hike at Cataract Falls

We took advantage of the rare occasion that we’re in town and that it’s 70-degree weather and went for a hike to Cataract Falls in Marin.  We started out the day with a quick stop by Vista Point to see the Golden Gate Bridge sans fog.   aaaah SF is so pretty!

Golden Gate Bridge

We drove up through marin to get to this moderate hike, a 2.5 mile path that is always by the side of some water body — either Alpine lake or any of the maybe 9 small cascade falls that make up Cataract Falls.  It’s a lovely hike — the sound of water is amazing, the temperature always temperate, and the paths are never too crowded, at least all the times we’ve been.  And when we do run into people, they usually have cute puppies that like to say hi.  Coming in, you’re greeted by Alpine lake that continues to appear from in between the branches during the early part of the hike.  You seriously can’t resist looking at this serene spot.  The water is like a mirror.


IMG_6545 IMG_6526

Along the way, there were so many stairs that take you up the steeper parts.  I call those stairways to heaven.  These were the milder ones.  I was too tired to pull out my camera on the steeper ones.


IMG_6408 IMG_6390

And all along the way, you’re continuously entertained by the sound of the running water and spectacular green views.  Since it’s early spring, you can see the moss everywhere which gives a softness to the terrain which I absolutely love.

You’re not allowed to swim in this water as it’s a drinking source, though I could imagine how fun it would be on a hot day to splash right in this bottom pool!


We had lunch at the top of the falls — making our way on the slippery rocks where we could be perched on top to see the hike we had just done.  We always pack some lunch: this time some home-made bresaola, Mt. Tam cheese, and fresh bread.  Can’t complain.  One of the things we ALWAYS do here is we fill our water bottle directly from the waterfall.  I’ve never tasted water like this. Clean, untouched by chemical treatments.


Hikes are amazing because what you see on the way over is different from what you see on the way back even though you’re taking the same route.  That’s primarily the case because of elevation.  On the way over you’re doing a ton of climbing and you’re looking up.  On the way back you’re looking down.  Also, you’re not as exhausted going down so you can actually pay better attention!

IMG_6500 IMG_6505


As we exited, we passed over the bridge on top of the dam holding the water in this serene space.   It’s so magnificent.


Our drive back was so nice.  It’s hard to believe that this secluded hike is only an hour away from the city.  Coming back on the Golden Gate bridge at sunset and seeing all the bikers gives me ideas for what to do the next time I’m in town on a weekend and the weather is warm.


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