LA Eats

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LA Eats

Of course, eating well and discovering new places to eat is a part of every successful trip.  This last trip to LA, I found two new places for yummy eats.

First up is Little Next Door, a most quaint brasserie with a beautiful outdoors garden.  Great for brunch and light meals.  But most exciting are their baked goods.  We, of course, bought macarons that lasted us the weekend. Flavors include Passion fruit, pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, and meyer lemon. mmm.  The texture of these is at par with Ladurée (my golden standard for macrons!). The flavors are a little less mainstream as in each macaron there has some sort of nice complimentary herbs added (albeit the taste a tad sweeter).



We also discovered a new wonderful Ramen spot, Kotoya.  Though it seems like the whole city of LA raves about Daikokuya, we actually don’t like it that much especially as it compares to all the amazing Ramen spots we have in the bay area from Roku to Katanaya.  Kotoya is a little joint with a slim menu of ramen and a few appetizers.  We just got the spicy red ramen with all the fixings and a side of jumbo gyozas.


Finally, a trip to LA would not be complete without a visit to Umami Burger.  Even though there is one in SF, I’m happy I haven’t made a habit of frequenting it which would be a disaster. We ordered the Truffle Burger, the California Burger and fries with truffle cheese.  Seriously, is there anything wrong with the way any of that sounds?!  This burger has the best cohesion I’ve ever seen in a burger.  Everything melts together like butter to form one explosive flavor of all things divine.  Yum!



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