A Juice Cleanse

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A Juice Cleanse

Last year was a pretty busy one with travel almost every week or every other week. Saying the least, I’m still feeling the effects of last year’s lifestyle.  Two weeks ago, I finally hit rock bottom, or I think I have and so I decided to work on reversing last year’s craziness especially that all my travel is about to begin again — and I want to go in with better habits.  So having heard from a bunch of people about the Blueprint Cleanse, I decided to just jump in and do it! Mr. supportive K decided to do it with me.  So here’s the deal: 5 days, 6 16-oz juices per day.   There are various programs offered by Blueprint and the differences primarily revolve around the ratio of green juices to other juices (fruit or cashew). I decided to do the excavation diet, the hardest of the bunch with 4 green juices, 1 lemon juice, and 1 cashew juice.  For those not familiar with juice cleanses, that’s all you consume.  So no eating, no munching, no coffee and wine does not count as juice!

So I just finished my 5th day and here’s a recap of my experience.

I ordered my juices  online for them to be delivered overnight to my house. They only ship you three days of juice at a time to ensure that the juices stay fresh. We got two boxes at 10am on the dot and we got started that day.  Later I learned that you could buy this brand of juice at wholefoods which is what I will do next time since I hate waiting around for the mail.

The juices are actually not bad at all.  I seriously thought I would have to hold my nose while downing the green one specifically.  The green one is made of romaine, apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon.  Scary, right?  One of my friends, Mark, who is a total carnivore and views anything green as garnish, said the green juice was delicious. I love greens and I was vegan for 7 months one time so how bad could it be? Well, it wasn’t and it only took me one bottle to adjust to it.  The lemon juice is a most refreshing lemonade with a bit of agave and cayenne. And the cashew juice is like a thick milkshake with vanilla and cinnamon.  So there you have it.


Here’s my experience.

Day 1.  Thoughts in my head include “I’m excited to be doing this thing!” “I’m hungry but I’m sure I’m just having withdrawal from my usual eating habits and eating times.” “I miss chewing.”  I actually worked out on this day and had lots of energy.  I was surprised when my trainer said “ok, see you next week.” I finished off the day with the cashew juice which I think is my favorite of the three flavors. I lost one pound.


Day 2. Thoughts in my head include “damn it, I miss my coffee!” “Ugh, I’m hungry.” “Ok, this sucks!” At the end of the day, I was feeling proud that I finished 2 days and was looking forward to getting all 5 days done!  I lost another pound.

Day 3. Thoughts in my head include “I feel great.” “I’m a bit hungry.” “I have a lot of energy”. I lost one more pound.  I had to skip a work dinner since I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink.

Day 4. Thoughts in my head include “I’m no longer hungry” “I’m amazed I don’t miss anything not even chewing.” I’m not tempted by anything”.  I was working on my blog at the end of the day, though, and only when I looked at photos of food did I crave stuff! Note to self: don’t look at photos of food when I’m fasting!  And there goes another pound!

Day 5. So excited to be almost done. Powering through the day knowing it’s the last day.  Feeling good. A bit hungry. Lost half a pound.

Overall observations beyond feeling healthy.

1. It’s amazing how much time eating and eating-related activities like shopping for food, cooking or even going to restaurants take.   Also, it’s amazing how much social activity happens around eating or drinking. Saying the least we didn’t socialize with anyone and we didn’t go out to eat which is torture as we enjoy the experience of dining.  On the flip side, all of a sudden we got about 2 hours back!

2. Though I think that the majority of weight I lost is water weight, I feel slimmer and things just fit better.

3. Your stomach shrinks and very quickly it takes less to fill you up.

4. The program advises that you ease back into eating food.  So start with greens, and fruits, almost solid forms of the green juice ingredients.  On the first day easing in, I was munching on romaine, I literally ate 3 leafs and felt full!  Very odd sensation.

5. Most of the things I missed weren’t food per se but more of activities like the act of chewing, or the ritual of getting up in the morning and having coffee, or even sitting down to have a meal.

6. I feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment and have a lot of drive to eat healthy which is exactly what I hoped to get out of this.

7. Would I do this again? Absolutely! I think this is great following times of indulgence like the holidays.  If you ask Khaled, I think he’d have a very different opinion on the matter.

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