Explorations with Water: Flowers

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Explorations with Water: Flowers

Putting it lightly, I have a ‘minor’ obsession with photographing water. I’ve been experimenting a lot with photographing water as it occurs naturally in my environment (lakes, oceans, waterfalls, etc) and more recently as its movement is more simulated. This weekend, I spent a ton of time simulating and photographing flowers dunked into water and it’s just been super fun!  This is my first attempt at doing these.  I’ll probably be experimenting more with this technique as I love the outcome!

I started out with a Germini red daisy that has a sturdy shape that keeps in the water (and holds on to a lot of air that it brings in with every dunk!)


flower_water flower_water
flower_water flower_water

The pink daisy is like a ballerina in the water.  The petals are so delicate and have beautiful movement in the water.

flower_waterThe Ranunculus is such a beautiful flower and in every color! If it were up to me I’d have these things in my house all year long.  And photographing them in water only brings out their shape more.

flower_water flower_water


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  1. Sabrina on said:

    Stunning! Love these!

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