A Spring Feast in Amman

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A Spring Feast in Amman

I haven’t been to Amman, Jordan in almost 8 years.  Khaled and I are here for a week seeing family.  One of the most amazing things about Amman is the food. Partly, my mom is here and in my mind she is the most amazing cook I know.  I may be biased but everyone who’s had her food swears by it. Yesterday she had an amazing feast where she’s outdone herself with the season’s best ingredients.  When you’re in Amman, you always want to eat what’s in season.  Spring means fava beans, fresh Mulukhiyah (Jew’s mallow) and of course stuffed grape leaves and zucchini.

Mulukhiyah is a darling for adults and kids alike.  Cooked with lamb, whole roasted garlic cloves and lots of pine nuts and eaten with rice.


Stuffed grape leaves and zucchini with lamb chops.  This dish is very time-intensive and takes a lot of effort.  I’m always so appreciative.


Fava beans are amazing! I discovered a love for fava beans only a few years back and this love has hit with vengeance.   This stew is cooked with meat and lots of spices that bring out the freshness of this dish.  Also eaten with rice.


And of course, no Arabic feast is complete without Knafeh! You basically order this for a certain ‘hour’, you literally pick it up and eat it immediately.  Aaah, I’ve missed this.


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