…And Then There Was ‘Bay to Breakers’

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…And Then There Was ‘Bay to Breakers’

So, I spent all of last week getting inspired at ‘Singularity University’ at the NASA center in the South Bay.  It was spectacular and eye-opening, and reminded me how amazing it is to be in Silicone Valley and the Bay Area.  Everybody who attended either wanted to move to the Bay Area or wanted to replicate the energy that was in this area wherever they were from.

So first day back to normal, all I wanted to do is hang out in the city.  And of course I’m quickly reminded of what I was missing this past week.  ’Bay to Breakers’, a footrace that happens annually in the city, was happening yesterday.  And there’s no way you could miss it if you were anywhere in the city.  Crazy outfits, lots of crowds, so many intoxicated people, and a few naked folk.  It’s such a funny juxtapose to the week I just had but actually the same place that brings out a lot of ingenuity in ideas also embraces the self-expression the you see on a day like this, as ridiculous as it may be.

I was on my way to the Golden Gate Park and the first scene I saw included a robot head and leopard pants. I first thought it was just any day in SF but then I started seeing more robot heads and more leopard pants.


Super Mario seems to have inspired many of the outfits this year.



No hippie SF event is complete without the hula hoopers.  Notice the crazy guy hanging off the statue in the back!  What is he doing?


I often struggled to understand people’s outfits but I’m sure they made sense to somebody!




And sadly all around, you saw the aftermath.