Baby Sophia Turns 1!

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Baby Sophia Turns 1!

The last time I hung out with Sophia was when she was about 6 months old! It’s amazing how quickly babies grow in 6 months.  The good part is she’s still as pleasant as before: all smiles and no fuss. No complaints when I’ve surrounded her with crazy balloons 3 times her size, or even put her in a tutu. She has an adorable personality that is clearly curious and very social! At times it was hard to take photos because Sophia crawled at me so fast and wanted to socialize and play.  I had to take frequent breaks because frankly she’s hard to resist!



So we spent a good part of the morning playing with a bunch of balloons that I brought over.  I’m always amazed at how mesmerized babies are with balloons.


You can tell this little one has a sense of humor and aims to please.  She knew she could get a reaction from us every time she laughed – so she kept exaggerating her laugh so that we’d laugh!



Sophia found Lamby Lamb in her crib and gave him tons of kisses.


Mommy was helping Sophia walk which she could seriously enjoy doing for hours.


Then we took mom and dad out to the park and hung out on the slide for a bit, and with the balloons! So fun!


Sat outside on the green to get a snack.  Though the funnest part seems to have been spilling all of it all over the place.


Sophia got to put on a tutu that I couldn’t resist buying earlier in the store. It was so cute and fun and ridiculous, all in one.



And finally, sitting between dad and mom, just like last time, but this time Sophia is wearing denim too and her feet have grown a tad.