From Tam to Stinson

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From Tam to Stinson

On a warm day like yesterday, the thing to do is go for a hike!  There’s no shortage of breathtaking hikes in northern California.  We decided to go to Mount Tam and hike down to Stinson Beach.  This way we also get a bit of beach time! This hike is one of my favorite.  Yet, I don’t do the typical loop where you start at Stinson, hike up to the peak and then hike back down.  I actually start at the top at Pan Toll Ranger Station and hike down the Matt Davis path enjoying a view of the water for 75% of the way (I also hate the climbing part).

So this hike is awesome and looks different in different seasons.  The path is very green spring time but in the summer it quickly becomes yellow.  I like it both ways.  I actually love the yellow of the summer (especially as it appears against the blue sky).  This hike took us about 2 hours and it goes through different terrains.  It starts out in narrow paths in heavy bush going in between and often under trees. This part of the hike is mostly shaded and it’s always going downhill.



Then it opens up onto the flat part of the hike surrounded with meadows.  Then you get to see the ocean and it’s gorgeous.



Lots of beautiful butterflies accompanied us on our hike.  This one stuck around the longest. I managed to catch a quick photo.


It’s amazing that you can see San Francisco and Coit Tower at Twin Peaks all the way from here!


You start catching glimpses of Stinson Beach.  Yet, there’s still ways to go.


The reason I love this hike during the summer is because of the awesome vegetation: thistles and wild flowers that can withstand the heat.  They’re pretty but tough.

IMG_0046 IMG_0056


As you make it down through the last part, you can see the beach just right there and you can make out the cars and the small buildings.


Finally, we get to rest on the sand.  Breathtaking!