Gaudi’s La Pedreira

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Gaudi’s La Pedreira

You walk down the street in L’Eixample and it’s very hard to not notice this highly unordinary building facade on what otherwise would be a very ordinary street. It’s, quite frankly, ridiculous and awesome all in one. At the time, many of the Catalan wealthy were infatuated with the modernist movement in architecture and wanted residences of their own built in that form and definitely built by Gaudi himself.  So Casa Mila or La Pedreira was commissioned by a wealthy couple and like other Gaudi buildings, when introduced was considered highly controversial.  Today, a World Heritage Site, this amazing building is one of Barcelona’s markers.

As seen here, and like La Segrada Familia, Gaudi is always inspired by nature.  Gaudi always says ‘there are no straight lines in nature’ and you hardly see them in his designs as well.  The new facade for this building (as this building existed before and Gaudi redid it), took out any resemblance of a traditional structure and put in this spectacular stone and wrought iron facade.  It’s really interesting how depending on the angle you look at this building, it almost seems like you’ve caught a ripple happening.


As you walk into the building, you quickly realize it’s hollow in the middle.  It’s like an oval-shaped ring with a courtyard in the middle.  To visitors, only the top floor and the roof are open.  The rest of buildings actually has residents! Imagine living in a Gaudi building!


I really think Gaudi’s work is very innovative but the rooftops to me are what make his architecture very unique.  Specifically, the way he constructs chimneys in this whimsical and very opinionated way is so fun! I actually always look up to the top of buildings while walking the streets of Barcelona, hoping to glimpse Gaudi chimneys or other architects’ chimneys who were influenced by Gaudi.