Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

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Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

Gaudi was the highlight of my Barcelona trip and Casa Batllo was a big contender for a favorite. This building feels like something that came out of a wonderland and is a demonstration of Gaudi’s architecture principles.  Standing on the street, you can see clear elements from nature with columns inspired by human bones, bat skulls, trees, and more. I’m sure you can spot them too.


As you enter the building and go up the first set of stairs, you quickly notice the ‘no straight lines in nature’ rule applies to the ceiling, railing, and frankly everything else.


If I were to post all the photos of details from this building, there’d be more than 30 photos.  But my favorite of those is what they’ve done with the stairways and the windows.  The lines are so organic that you don’t quite feel like you’re indoors.

Group_1In the main living room is this amazing light fixture in the ceiling that is inspired by the shape’s presence in nature like a fossil!IMG_1015

Going up the stairs, the hollowed building allows light to flow into the inside part of each floor.  Notice the uniform color from bottom to top.  You’d think that it would be a lot lighter on top than the bottom but Guadi used lighter colored tiles on the bottom than the top to always have uniform color from wherever seen.  To exaggerate the height of the building from the inside, the higher the window, the smaller it is.


To go to the rooftop of the building, you access it through this quirky stairway which is one of my favorite parts of this awesome structure!

IMG_1058 And it wouldn’t be a true Gaudi creation if it didn’t have a fantastical roof with amazing chimneys.  Notice what looks like the back of a dragon.  IMG_1070