Ode to Èze, from Az

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Ode to Èze, from Az

This post is not much of an ode but more of a ‘love’ post to Eze, this stunning small town perched high up in the French Riviera mountains overlooking the Mediterranean. This place is magical — perfect in every way.  It reminds me a lot of the Greek island of Santorini with its perfectly manicured houses stacked up on the sides of the island’s mountains. Eze is a medieval town  first populated in 2000 BC.  This town is so well-preserved though until this day.  It’s tiny with a population of around 3,000 people. You know the architecture and the construction is so good when the city can survive all these years.  This is a pedestrian only town where you park at the bottom of the mountain right near the entrance and you walk up through the town’s small windy paths.  There are a few houses, some very cute boutiques and two 5-star hotels that you have to book months in advance to ensure availability.


Walking up we got a pre-dinner drink and snack at this adorable outdoors cafe nestled in between the buildings. After climbing many sets of stairs, this was a welcome little break.


One of the hotels there is Chateau de la Chevre d’Or which is the most enchanted hotel I’ve ever seen.  Of course, there’s a golden goat perched on top of the hotel’s roof that can be seen from various parts of the town.  The hotel has lots of hidden small gardens to sit and stroll with statues and fountains scattered around the grounds.




You walk up to the highest point where a light ochre church can be seen from all around including from other surrounding towns.


Taking a look at the structures at the edges of the town, they look like they’re hanging off of a cliff. If I lived in this town (and in one of those breathtaking buildings), I would sit on that balcony all day long!


And staying around for the sunset, this one is definitely one of the most memorable sunsets I’ve ever witnessed.  It seems like that’s always the case with mediterranean cities!