Happy (Baby) Halloween

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Happy (Baby) Halloween

Last Friday, Allan and Shige brought their adorable babies, Sophia and Akari, to work for Googleween, an event where Googlers can bring their kids to play.  Sophia loved our office and felt very at home. This little badass kid was changing into her bumble bee outfit on top of her ‘Death Cab for Cutie’ tshirt. Watch out Allan!


But she played so much that she started to get tired. Melts my heart that she goes everywhere with her Lamby Lamb that I got for her. Happy aunty Az!


Then a little later, Ms. Akari came but I wasn’t sure if it was seeing all of us or her adorable giraffe outfit but she was just not having it!


Though she relaxed a little later on our couch and I think she was pretty curious about the craziness that is my team.  Look how cute that tail is!!!