Two (Very Large) Fluffy Puppies

My friend Sabrina has two white Samoyeds — Bianca and Sorcha.  If you’ve encountered this breed of dogs, those pretty things can grow to be MASSIVE.  Regardless of their size, Sabrina will continue to refer to them as puppies (maybe it’s because they continue to behave like ones through their …

Shaggy Oski

I had coffee with this guy.  His owner had left him outside the coffeeshop to wait for a bit.  Oski is his name. He was shy at first and then warmed up.  He had eyes the color of honey!  

Snowflake, the White Retriever

Walking around DC yesterday, I met Snowflake, a 4-month-old white retriever. This puppy has the cutest puppy eyes. I think any more time with this little one would have me convinced to get a puppy of my own!

At a Montreal pet store

While visiting Montreal in September, we happened to drop by a pet store.  The animals were adorable and absolutely picture perfect.  I’m used to seeing miserable pets in cages and small spaces at pet stores, but this store in particular had happy animals that were well cared for.  I was …