Lighting Decorations

Every once in a while, especially during the holidays, you drive down a street in a neighborhood and you notice that one house after the other is decorated intricately with lights.  Some are put everywhere, and some are deliberately placed to create elaborate designs and formations.  It’s quite amusing to …

Snowflake, the White Retriever

Walking around DC yesterday, I met Snowflake, a 4-month-old white retriever. This puppy has the cutest puppy eyes. I think any more time with this little one would have me convinced to get a puppy of my own!

Holiday Kit Kat

My sister has a black cat called Kit Kat, a cat with a whole lot of personality.  Over the holidays, the house was full of too many of us including a toddler. Saying the least, we’ve barely seen Kit Kat.  Last night I managed to catch a glimpse of her …

Happy and Super Merry Holidays

Wishing you and yours a most blissful holiday season, filled with great food, lots of family time, and a chance to reflect and appreciate. Lots of love, Azhar + Khaled

Holiday Nut Crescent Cookies

The holiday season has begun and all the baking and cooking has commenced as well.  My super crafty friends Allan and Joanne make these heavenly Nut Crescent Cookies every holiday.  This is my second year getting them and they are divine.  Not only are they so tasty, they’re beautifully packaged …