Happy Birthday, to my Favorite Person in the World!

I met this marvelous man about 13 years ago and he’s made my life exponentially more amazing! Happy Birthday to the kindest, smartest and most thoughtful person I know, who’s a constant reminder of how great life is. I love you, K!

Happy Birthday, Mister K!

I’m thankful everyday that you were born.  Thanks for being the most amazing and special partner-in-crime a girl could wish for!

Tartine Bread, Homemade

If you’ve had Tartine bread, you know there’s nothing in the world like it.  It’s just the right exact texture, crisp on the outside, fluffy with slight chewiness on the inside.  The taste is just divine. The problem with Tartine bread is scarcity, and if you know us, you know …

A Perfect Cup of Cappuccino, Every AM

Simply put, coffee is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I’m in love with every part of it: the ritual, the smell, the habit and, of course, the taste.  I seek out coffee and identify a go-to-coffee shop wherever I go — the Arab world is a given, of course.  But there’s Colombia, Brazil, Spain, …

Bresaola, Home Cured

Ever since Khaled tried bresaola in Boston, he’s been forever in love with this lean Italian-style cured beef.  Since Boston has a huge Italian community with many salumerias in the North End, bresaola was easy to come by.  Now that we’re in SF, bresaola is rare, very expensive and with …