A Walk by a Lake

Spent a good chunk of one afternoon by a lake.  There was nothing particularly special about this lake except for the birds idling, beautiful light, and of course lots of photo opportunities.

Bye Bye DC, see you soon!

DC this time around was amazing! Brought me together with my family and fed my stomach and my soul beautifully!  It was a great way to usher in the new year.  I’ve never had a chance to actually spend time idling around the city as I always come for short …

Snowflake, the White Retriever

Walking around DC yesterday, I met Snowflake, a 4-month-old white retriever. This puppy has the cutest puppy eyes. I think any more time with this little one would have me convinced to get a puppy of my own!

Christmas Day Walk in Washington DC

Somehow, every time I come to DC, I never get a chance to visit the historic sites especially the memorials.  Today, while everything is closed for Christmas, decided to take a walk.  The weather is probably the warmest it’ll be all week, just below 50F. I thought it’d be quiet …